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I love all things scientific/mathematical. My primary areas of interest are:

Journal publications

  1. T. Sahai, A. Gnanasekaran, On the Emergence of Ergodic Dynamics in Unique Games, In Review. [arxiv link]
  2. A. Surana, A. Gnanasekaran, T. Sahai, An efficient quantum algorithm for simulating polynomial differential equations, Quantum Information Processing. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  3. B. Zhang, T. Sahai, Y. Marzouk, Computing eigenfunctions of the multidimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator, In Review. [arxiv link]
  4. J. Xing, D. Fischer, N. Labh, R. Piersma, B. C. Lee, Y. Xia, T. Sahai, V. Tarokh, Talaria: A Framework for Simulation of Permissioned Blockchains for Logistics and Beyond, In Review. [arxiv link]
  5. B. Zhang, T. Sahai, Y. Marzouk, A Koopman framework for rare event simulation in stochastic differential equations, Journal of Computational Physics, 2022. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  6. T. Sahai, Stochastic Optimization using Polynomial Chaos Expansions, In Review. [arxiv link]
  7. T. Sahai, A. Mishra, J.M. Pasini, S. Jha, Estimating the Density of States of Boolean Satisfiability Problems on Classical and Quantum Computing Platforms, In Review. [arxiv link]
  8. R. Varma, C. Melville, C. Pinello, T. Sahai, Post Quantum Secure Command and Control of Mobile Agents : Inserting quantum-resistant encryption schemes in the Secure Robot Operating System, International Journal of Semantic Computing, 2021 [journal link]
  9. T. Sahai, A. Ziessler, S. Klus, M. Dellnitz, Continuous Relaxations for the Traveling Salesman Problem, Nonlinear Dynamics, 2019. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  10. I. Mezic, V. A. Fonoberov, M. Fonoberova, T. Sahai, Spectral Complexity of Directed Graphs and Application to Structural Decomposition, Complexity, 2019. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  11. Susmit Jha, T. Sahai, V. Raman, A. Pinto, M. Francis, Explaining AI Decisions Using Efficient Methods for Learning Sparse Boolean Formulae, Journal of Automated Reasoning, 2019. [journal link] [pdf link]
  12. S. Jha, A. Tiwari, S. A. Seshia, T. Sahai, N. Shankar, TeLEx: Learning Signal Temporal Logic from Positive Examples using Tightness Metric, Formal Methods in System Design, 2019. [journal link] [pdf link]
  13. S. Klus, T. Sahai, A Spectral Assignment Approach for the Graph Isomorphism Problem, Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA, 2018. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  14. J.M. Pasini and T. Sahai, Polynomial Chaos based Uncertainty Quantification in Hamiltonian, Multi-Time Scale and Chaotic Systems. Journal of Computational Dynamics, 2014 [journal link] [arxiv link]
  15. T. Sahai and J.M. Pasini, Uncertainty Quantification in Hybrid Dynamical Systems. Journal of Computational Physics, 2012. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  16. A. Surana, T. Sahai and A. Banaszuk, Iterative Methods for Scalable Uncertainty Quantification in Complex Networks, International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 2012. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  17. T. Sahai, A. Speranzon and A. Banaszuk, Hearing the Clusters in a Graph: A Distributed Algorithm, Automatica, 2012. [journal link] [arxiv link] (Top 25 most downloaded Sciencedirect papers)
  18. A. Banaszuk et al., Scalable Approach to Uncertainty Quantification and Robust Design of Interconnected Dynamical Systems, Annual Reviews in Control, 2011. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  19. S. Klus, T. Sahai, C. Liu and M. Dellnitz, An efficient algorithm for the parallel solution of high-dimensional differential equations, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2011. [journal link] [arxiv link]
  20. T. Sahai, Backbone Transitions and Invariant Tori in Forced Micromechanical Oscillators with Optical Detection, Nonlinear Dynamics, 2010. - [journal link] [pdf]
  21. T. Sahai, V. Fonoberov and S. Loire, Uncertainty as Stabilizer of the Head-Tail Ordered Phase in Carbon-Monoxide Monolayers on Graphite, Physical Review B, 2009. [journal link] [pdf]
  22. T. Sahai and A. Vladimirsky, Numerical Methods for Approximating Invariant Manifolds of Delayed Systems, SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 2009. [journal link] [pdf] (Top 15 most downloaded papers - September 2009)
  23. T. Sahai and A. Zehnder, Modeling of Coupled Dome-Shaped Micro-Oscillators, IEEE/ASME Journal of MEMS, 2008. [journal link] [pdf]
  24. T. Sahai, R. Bhiladvala and A. Zehnder, Thermomechanical Transitions in Doubly-Clamped Micromechanical Oscillators, International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics, 2007. [journal link] [pdf]
  25. P. Raghavendra, T. Sahai, P. Kumar, M. Chauhan and N. Ananthkrishnan, Aircraft Spin Recovery, with and without Thrust Vectoring, Using Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion, Journal of Aircraft, 2005. [journal link]
  26. N. Ananthkrishnan and T. Sahai, Crises - Critical junctures in the life of a chaotic attractor, Resonance, 2001. [journal link] [pdf]

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